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DSO - The good, the bad and the ugly truth

News   •   May 30, 2016 06:11 GMT

Photo: Bo Mathisen

Forbes reports several key economic trends to watch in 2016, from increased consumer spending fueling the economic growth to currency trends still remaining a challenge for international enterprises. Today’s market place is a challenging arena to compete, and many companies focus on classic tools for risk mitigation and loss avail. However, for conducting any successful business, a palette of instruments and metrics needs attention and maintenance. One of the most tangible metrics is Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), which measure the number of days that a company takes to collect revenue after a sale has been made, and usually is an indicator of a company’s financial health as well as operational efficiency and receivables account turnover.

In this whitepaper we take a dive into the DSO trends of Europe, combining a set of public sources to our own Lindorff data and market knowledge. Reports display a negative trend in 2015 with higher DSO than earlier years, affecting companies across the continent. Contrary to these findings, Lindorff has actually been able to turn this trend around for our clients, where over 75 % of our invoicing clients have experienced over 4 day’s reduction. That is the silver lining to the ugly truth.

Download the white-paper here

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